Implementation of resolution 35: The enterprise is eagerly resolved to solve the problem


Implementation of resolution 35: The enterprise is eagerly resolved to solve the problem

Updated on : 29-06-2017

Implementation of resolution 35: The enterprise is eagerly resolved to solve the problem

VCN- Resolution 35 / NQ-CP on business support and development to 2020 has been carrying out for more than a year with positive implementation. The resolution laid down very specific tasks for ministries, sectors, and localities. However, the achieved results are still limited, so the Prime Minister's Directive 26 / CT-TTg continues to deploy the effective implementation Resolution 35 which is expected to completely solve the problem by enterprises.

The Directive helps to increase confidence and expectation in the Government's cooperation with the development of enterprises. Photo: H.Diu.


The Prime Minister's directive frankly outlined the remaining restrictions after one year of implementing Resolution 35 such as: Some mechanisms and policies are inappropriate; Implementation of some solutions does not meet the practical requirements; There is a gap between policy and enforcement in many emerging areas such as administrative procedures in import and export, license, access to land, capital, resources, inspection and overlapping enterprises. . The coordination among ministries, branches, and localities is not uniform, strict in guiding enterprises.

Speaking specifically about the remaining problems of enterprises, according to Nguyen Thi Mai Thanh, Chairman of the Board of Refrigeration Electrical Engineering Corporation (REE), the legal documents of Vietnam is not clear, so the status of each object is understood differently, which leads to making administrative procedures difficult. Moreover, state agencies still exist the requesting and giving mechanism, do not make favorable conditions for enterprises, which cause more difficulties for enterprises. "The demand for construction planning should clearly specify the density; height and enterprises only need to automatically register construction. However, there are still too many steps that make the company take time. REE has a project to build a building and the city government has asked for accountability of traffic because the traffic has been strained over the past few years. It takes seven months to explain this problem, which greatly affected the implementation process of the project, "Thanh said.

Especially, after absorbing the opinions of businesses on the issue of input costs at a high level, the Prime Minister's directive has emphasized the reduction of this cost by requiring the ministries, branches, and localities to scrutinize Control the cost categories to consider reducing. Nguyen Thanh Long, Director of Cat Loi Service Development Co., Ltd, said that the company's input costs reduced a penny is so valuable. The savings would be reinvested in infrastructure, lifting the value of products and enterprises will return to contribute to the state budget more.

The directive was formed after the dialogue between the Prime Minister and businesses, many comments were made the commitment to have thorough and specific solutions. Therefore, enterprises assess the Directive that has reality to these commitments, helping businesses increase confidence and expectations in the Government's cooperation with the development of enterprises. Directives such as revising regulations on tax administration, customs in the direction of inter-ministries among agencies to minimize the time and costs of implementation for enterprises; renovating the specialized inspection mode according to the principles of risk management and accelerating the recognition of inspection results as agreement are appreciated by enterprises. Currently, the procedures related to export and import is still in many stages because of the lack of coordination among ministries and sectors, besides, a product is inspected by many agencies, which makes difficulties in trading activities of enterprises. Moreover, it is from these difficulties to cause negative issues such as bribery and commercial fraud.

Need more time

In general, businesses have said that if all levels and sectors meet the requirements of the Directive, in the future, Vietnam's economy will grow stronger and businesses feel more secure production. However, according to Nguyen Ton Quyen, Chairman of the Vietnam Timber and Forest Products Association, any changes need to be timetabled and timed. "We have issued many laws, decrees, and circulars. For example, fees and charges; the province, central and ministries are also issued. So, how will the kinds of text be fixed? This issue takes time and determination throughout from the head to the executive, "said Quyen

In addition, the “inherent disease" in the management in our country is not synchronous or just follows the movement. This makes many companies concerned about the effectiveness of the Directive. But Mr. Nguyen Thanh Long said that over a year, the Government has shown the determination of reformation on the business environment to facilitate businesses, many reflections have been dealt with severely and quickly. In particular, the Directive emphasized the strengthening of responsibility, timely punishing agencies, and units that have irresponsibility, delays and troubles in solving administrative procedures in order to ensure rights and interests of people and businesses.

It can be seen that the Prime Minister's 26th Directive set many tasks based on the recognition of difficulties of enterprises in the past. But accomplishing all these problems cannot carry out in one day or two days. Not to mention in the operation of enterprises, there will be many new problems arising, so this must be a difficult process to obtain comprehensive results. Therefore, recommendations and problems of enterprises are continuously received, monthly and quarterly report to the Government with the spirit of publicity, enthusiasm, and transparency. This will be the biggest motivation for businesses to be more optimistic in the business environment in Vietnam.

By Hương Dịu/Bui Diep

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