The granting of Preferential Certificate of Origin will be classified from 15th August


According to the Government’s portal, from 15th August 2018, the granting of Preferential Certificate of Origin will be implemented by the channel classification method under provisions in Circular 15/2018/TT-BTC issued by the Ministry of Industry and Trade

Updated on : 30-07-2018

The granting of Preferential Certificate of Origin will be classified from 15th August

the granting of preferential certificate of origin will be classified from 15th august

From 15th August, the granting of Preferential Certificate of Origin will be implemented by the channel classification method depending on the “prestige” of trader. Photo: Internet

Green channel regime

In order to be applied the Green Channel regime in the procedure for granting preferential C/O, traders need meet the following criteria: trader was recognized as a prestigious exporter by Ministry of Industry and Trade; or was recognized as an Authorized Economic Operator in the Customs management by Ministry of Finance; Or trader satisfying the following conditions: Trader has not violated on origin regulations in the two latest years before the time of applying for the approval of Green channel regime; has full dossier archive system (paper and e-dossier) to prove the authenticity of the C/O and origin of goods within the archival time limit prescribed in the Government's Decree No. 31/2018/ND-CP; implement the e-C/O declaration via the system for management and granting e-certificate of origin ( and have the frequency of applying at least 30 sets of preferential C/O per year.

Trader will enjoy the priority regimes when it is classified into Green Chanel including: Priority for late submission of documents, priority for the time of granting preferential C/O and priority for physical inspection of goods and manufacturing establishment.

Specifically, the time for late submission of documents shall be extended within 45 working days from the date of granting C/O for documents that are permitted for late submission as per provisions in Decree 31/2018/ND-CP. The time limit for handling for granting preferential C/O in paper form is 6 working hours after receiving legal dossier; trader is exempted from physical inspection of goods and manufacturing establishments in the application for granting preferential C/O.

Red channel regime

Commodities subject to the Red channel regime are identified by the following criteria: Commodities have high risk in origin fraud to evade trade remedies of importing country or enjoy preferential tariffs from commitments that an importing country gives to Vietnam; or commodities with the significant and irregular increase in volume of C/O subject to be investigated and verified the origin of goods under the request of importing country.

When being classified into the Red channel, trader must fully submit documents (paper and e-documents) as per provisions in Clause 1 Article 15 Decree 31/2018 /ND-CP.

The handling of dossiers for granting of preferential C/O shall be implemented within 3 working days after receiving legal paper documents in accordance with regulations.

Regarding physical inspection of goods and manufacturing establishments: Preferential C/O-granting agencies and organizations shall implement physical inspection for goods and manufacturing establishment for commodities which have applied for preferential C/O for the first time, or in the case where trader applies for granting preferential C/O, when there is suspicion of goods origin fraud.

The Circular will take effect from 15th August 2018.

Source:  Customs News

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