Title: eManifest in Vietnam
Type: Publication
Reponsible Agency: General Department of Vietnam Customs
Issuing Date: 18-11-2016


Manifest is a declaration by the master or commander of the ship or aircraft carrying the goods. The purpose of filing a manifest is to ensure:

  • that all imports or exports are accounted for;
  • that all documents relating to the ship or aircraft have been submitted and are complete;
  • that the master/commander or agent has satisfied all legal requirements.

The responsibility of submitting manifests remains with the master or commander. He or she may appoint an agent to transact business with the Customs authorities, known as shipping agents. The agent and the master or commander is equally liable to fulfill all obligations.

All cargo shall be reported electronically to Customs authorities 24 hours prior to the cargo’s actual arrival in Vietnam (12 hours for ships within below-5-day shipping time). This information is critical for Customs authorities to clear and release legitimate cargo. Cargo cannot be released without a cargo manifest document.

All manifests must be submitted through the Customs computer system, known as GDVC eManifest Portal, and must conform to the approved formats.

eManifest is a term used to describe the advance, electronic conveyance of cargo information to Customs authorities prior to a shipment arriving at a port. It is the solution to increase security while minimizing logistics delays, since eManifest expedites the customs clearance process by allowing pertinent information about shipments to be assessed and approved by Customs officials in advance of any shipment’s physical arrival.

eManifest allows electronic transfer of general data and consignment  details relating to each vessel or aircraft responsible carrier to Customs.

GDVC has implemented eManifest and is able to process the cargo information and make inspection decisions in advance via cargo selectivity system (VNACCS/VCIS). Carriers will not have to wait at the port to provide paperwork inspected as GDVC already has the information. With the introduction and enforcement of eManifest, GDVC can facilitate trade and strengthen its security cross the border. It also supports for the wide implementation of the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards which aims to:

  • establish standards that provide supply chain security;
  • enable integrated supply chain management;
  • enhance the role, functions and capabilities of Customs administrations;
  • strengthen cooperation between Customs and Gov administrations;
  • strengthen Custom/business cooperation;
  • promote the seamless movement of goods through secure international trade supply chain.

eManifest will eventually require all commercial import trade partners in all modes of transportation to electronically submit advance cargo data to the GDVC for risk assessment purposes.  The cooperation amongst all parties in the supply chain will be critical to ensuring that the correct information gets to the correct location at the correct time to avoid delays crossing the border. The entire concept behind eManifest is that by risk assessing pre-arrival information, any health, safety and security threats related to commercial shipments can be identified before the goods arrive in Viet Nam.

Advance Trade Data Requirements

In order to reduce the administrative burden on businesses, eManifest advance trade data requirements will utilize existing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) data sets, and have been harmonized to the extent possible with the World Customs Organization and the Customs Agent.

Before Arrival of Goods at the Border

The Customs authority must receive a carrier’s electronic cargo and conveyance data a minimum of one hour in advance of goods arriving at the border using any of the following methods:

  • An existing EDI public network;
  • Third party service provider;
  • Customs internet gateway;
  • Direct connect to the Customs Agent;
  • eManifest Portal, a secure, web-based reporting option developed by the GDVC to facilitate compliance, particularly for smaller and medium sized transportation businesses.

The advance information to be supplied by carriers prior to arrival at the border comprises dual sets of very detailed information relating to the conveyance itself on one hand, and the cargo on the other.

The timeframes for submitting Manifest of incoming commodities is no later than 12 hours before the proposed time when ships arrive at ports within below-5-day shipping time, and no later than 24 hours before the proposed time when ships arrive at ports within other shipping time.

For more information, please click here. To login the eManifest system, click here.

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