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Procedure NameCustom Clearance Procedures for Export rough diamond
Customs Clearance Procedure
Responsible Agency  
Provincial Customs Department
Legal Basis of the Procedure                   
  • Directive No. 1600/2002/CT-IR-VPCP of Prime Minister dated December 13, 2002, Vietnam is a member of the Regulations Organization certifying Kimberley Process.
  • Regulation certifying Kimberley Process.
  • Joint Circular 14/2009/TTLT-BCT-BTC dated 23/06/2009 guiding the certification procedures for imports and exports of rough diamonds in order to enforce the provisions of the Regulation on Certification Rules Kimberley process.
  • Joint Circular 01/2012/TTLT-BCT-BTC dated 03/01/2012 amending and supplementing certain provisions of Joint Circular 14/2009/TTLT-BCT-BTC of June 23 2009.
  • Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC on customs procedures, customs supervision and inspection, export tax, import tax, and tax administration applied to exported and imported goods.
  • Circular 274/2016/TT-BTC on the rate, collection, submission, management and use of the customs fees and the charges on goods and vehicles in transit.
Processing time
  • At least 08 working hours for partly physical examination of the shipment
  • At least 02 days (working) for fully physical examination of the shipment
  • 20,000 VND
Required Documents
Document Title
KP Certificate issued by Import – Export Management department.
Original and 01 copy
Other required document as per regulation
Process Steps
Step 1:
Exporter apply KP Certificate issued by Import – Export Management department (MOIT).
Step 2:
 Exporter register the export declaration for rough diamond.
Step 3:
Customs Officer check the document and procedures as per general regulation
Step 4:
Notification will be sent to both email address of the Import – Export management department and about the KP certificate content and actual rough diamond shipment.
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