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Procedure NameCustom Clearance Procedures for Import rough diamond


Customs Clearance Procedure

Responsible Agency           

Provincial Customs Department




Legal Basis of the Procedure                   

  • Directive 1600/2002/CT-IR-VPCP of Prime Minister dated December 13, 2002, Vietnam is a member of the Regulations Organization certifying Kimberley Process.
  • Regulation certifying Kimberley Process.
  • Joint Circular 14/2009/TTLT-BCT-BTC dated 23/06/2009 guiding the certification procedures for imports and exports of rough diamonds in order to enforce the provisions of the Regulation on Certification Rules Kimberley process.
  • Joint Circular 01/2012/TTLT-BCT-BTC dated 03/01/2012 amending and supplementing certain provisions of Joint Circular 14/2009/TTLT-BCT-BTC of June 23 2009.
  • Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC dated March 25, 2015, on customs procedures, customs supervision and inspection, export tax, import tax, and tax administration applied to exported and imported goods.
  • Circular 274/2016/TT-BTC on the rate, collection, submission, management and use of the customs fees and the charges on goods and vehicles in transit..

Processing time

  • At least 08 working hours for partly physical examination of the shipment
  • At least 02 days (working) for fully physical examination of the shipment


  • 20,000 VND

Required Documents


Document Title



KP Certificate issued by Authorization Organization of the Exporter’s country

Certified true copy

Original for comparing only


Other required document as per regulation

Process Steps

Step 1:

 Importer register the import declaration for rough diamond.

Step 2:

Customs Officer check the document and procedures as per general regulation

Step 3:

issue Certificate to certify that shipment of diamond have been completed import procedure

Process Map:


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