Cases exempted from state inspection for imported food safety


The Government promulgated the Decree No.15/2018/ND-CP detailing the implementation of some articles of the Law on food safety, which stipulates 09 cases exempted from state inspection for imported food safety.

Updated on : 12-03-2018

Cases exempted from state inspection for imported food safety

Under the provisions of this Decree, except for food safety warning, imported foods exempted from state inspection include:

1. The products have the certificate of registered product declaration.

2. Foods in hand luggage of inbound passengers, or the luggage sent before or after the passengers arrive for the passengers’ personal needs; gifts within duty-free allowances.

3. Imports for personal needs of people eligible for diplomatic immunities.

4. Products in transit, temporarily imported or in bonded warehouses.

5. Test samples with quantities suitable for the testing purposes and confirmed by the organization or individuals.

6. Products used to display at exhibitions or fairs.

7. Products, raw materials that are manufactured or imported for production or processing of exports or internal production and not sold domestically.

8. Temporarily imported products for sale at duty-free shops.

9. Imports for emergency purposes under orders of the Government or the Prime Minister.

The Decree comes into force from 02 February 2018, replacing the Government's Decree No. 38/2012/ND-CP dated 25 April 2012; elaborating Chapter II of Circular no. 13/2014/TTLT-BYT-BNNPTNT-BCT dated 09 April 2014 by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Source:  website GDVC

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