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Imported scraps subject to sampling for verification

Imported scraps subject to sampling for verification

Specifically, the General Department of Vietnam Customs has instructed that when carrying out Customs procedures for goods which are declared as imported scrap, the Customs Branches where the customs declarations are registered, must take a sample to send to the Customs Department of Goods Verification for analysis and assessment of the conformity with technical standards for imported scrap shipments. During the sampling, the imported goods must have a taken photo for archives, inspections and examination.

For goods, which are declared as used goods, are not distinguished on usage purpose with name and code outside the Appendix of the list of scrap permitted to be imported from foreign countries for use as raw materials, issued together with the Prime Minister’s Decision 73/2014/QD-TTg, that are suspected as scrap (for example: bags, plastic wraps, straps, jumbo bags, plastic bags, fishing nets..) and used, when implementing Customs procedures, the Customs Branch where the Customs declaration is registered must take the sample to send to the Customs Department of Goods Verification for identifying whether those goods are scrap or not.

Along with the above solutions, in the mid-June 2018, the General Department of Vietnam Customs issued Official letter 3428/TCHQ-GSQL dated 18th June, to request provincial and municipal Customs Departments to strengthen the management for scrap imported into Vietnam.

The solutions to strengthen the management have been provided in the context that the scrap imports over the past time have complicatedly taken place, potentially polluted and affected the environment.

At the beginning of 2018, the Customs authority warned that Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries could become a destination for waste and scrap when in the beginning of the year, China applied the policy of banning plastic waste and scrap imports.

Source:  Customs News

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