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Will independently assess the results of implementation of the Single Window mechanism of ministries

Will independently assess the results of implementation of the Single Window mechanism of ministries

At the National Online Conference on "Promoting the NSW, the ASW and trade facilitation" held last week, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc requested the Ministry of Finance to promptly complete the draft and submit to the Prime Minister's Action Plan in August 2018.

The action plan is seen as a driving force to accelerate the implementation of the NSW, the ASW in the coming time. One important content in the draft has received much attention as a solution to promote the implementation of the Single Window mechanism. According to the draft of the Ministry of Finance, there are 5 groups of important solutions which are mentioned.

The first solution is to improve legal basis and reform administrative procedures. The legal basis with the main contents is to develop and submit to the Government to issue a Decree regulating the implementation of administrative procedures through the NSW, the ASW and specialized inspections of imported and exported goods.

The issue of the Decree will create a sufficient legal basis for the use and exchange of electronic vouchers and electronic dossiers for administrative procedures in the country and other countries and economic communities, creating a legal basis for the exchange of data among Government agencies on the basis of the National Portal of the State, which ensures adequate legal basis for the delivery of public service at level 4 through the NSW.

The second group of solutions is related to building and deploying IT systems. Accordingly, the development and development of IT systems for the deployment of the NSW and the ASW will be aimed at centralized processing through the National Single Window Portal, based on advanced technology in line with the trend. The development of the 4.0 technology revolution aims to meet the progress of government commitment, saving and ensuring investment efficiency, utilizing resources as well as enhancing security and information security.

At the same time, be technically ready to implement ASW in accordance with the roadmap and ensure the exchange and processing of commercial documents with other countries and economic communities to facilitate trade and enhance national competitiveness.

Another important part of the IT solutions is to pilot third-party services to provide utilities for both businesses and government agencies in implementing administrative procedures through the NSW and the ASW.

The third solution is to develop and implement a project on management of e-commerce activities for goods across borders. This solution focuses on the development and implementation of a comprehensive project aimed at connecting Government agencies and supply chain actors (including commercial banks, insurance companies, import-export companies and logistics companies) related to e-commerce activities on cross-border imported and exported goods through the NSW and the ASW.

The implementation of the above objectives shall improve the policy of managing e-commerce activities across borders for imported and exported goods. The competent agencies shall study and promulgate administrative procedures for management of e-commerce activities for cross-border imported and exported goods; set up mechanisms of payment, guarantee and build a national database on transactions and e-commerce for cross border goods.

The fourth group of solutions is related to training, advocacy and support. The main content of this solution group is the development of the NSW and the ASW materials to guide and implement; develop mechanisms and support organizations on the National Portal; implement training, propaganda, and raise awareness for people and businesses on the NSW.

On the other hand, support should be provided to agencies, organizations and enterprises participating in NSW to organize the training of IT staffs at all levels in order to meet the requirements on IT tasks. In addition, implement training for civil servants of ministries and branches to process information on the Single Window National Portal.

The fifth solution is related to the establishment of an independent monitoring, reporting and evaluation mechanism. This solution aims to develop and set up a mechanism for monitoring the implementation of the tasks of ministries and sectors under the Government's programs and plans by publishing publications on relevant annual reports on time of Customs procedures and Customs clearance; assess the satisfaction of the business community in the implementation of public services through the NSW.

Source: Customs News

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