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Approach to the specialized inspection and management policies on the Vietnam Customs Information Portal

Approach to the specialized inspection and management policies on the Vietnam Customs Information Portal


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Enterprises can search the legal documents related to their business field on Customs Information Portal.

Many Korean enterprises operating businesses in Vietnam questioned that when implementing import cargo procedures into Vietnam, the permits were different for each type of goods item and product. For example: there are many import conditions depending on type of goods like quarantine certificates under food safety law for food or energy consumption ratings for electronic products.

Therefore, the enterprises asked: Are there any authorities or documents that guide the import conditions for each kind of goods?

To answer the enterprises’ questions, the General Department of Vietnam Customs said that according to the law, in order to get customs clearance for import-export goods, the customs declarants must fulfill all duties and obligations of cargo clearance as stipulated in the Customs Law 2014 and other specialized laws such as Law on Product and Goods Quality 2007, Law on Food Safety 2010, Law on Animal Health 2015, Law on Plant Protection and Quarantine 2013...

Depending on each specific case, for cargo clearance, the enterprise must lodge (present) relevant vouchers to the customs authorities such as: Permit (for import-export goods requiring a permit), documents about specialized inspection result on quarantine (animals, plants, health), culture, food safety inspection, quality control, technical regulation and conformity certification for import-export goods.

However, the General Department of Vietnam Customs emphasized that in order to reduce the time for carrying out customs procedures of import-export goods, enterprises should study the legal documents on management policies and specialized inspection of Vietnam before operating import-export goods.

Accordingly, enterprises can search these documents on the Vietnam Customs Information Portal of the General Department of Customs (VNACCS /VCIS/coding legal documents, license classification codes used in VNACCS).

Source: Customs News

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