3 Cases of goods origin inspection at production area


3 Cases of goods origin inspection at production area

Updated on : 07-11-2018

3 Cases of goods origin inspection at production area

The inspection and verification of origin of goods at production establishments shall be carried out in the following cases:

- The competent authority of the importing country shall request the inspection and verification at the production establishment upon the results of examination of dossiers and vouchers of origin of goods mentioned in Articles 8, 9 and 10 of this Circular. There are not enough grounds to determine the origin of goods or when there is cause for suspicion of fraudulence of goods origin.

- Domestic competent agencies and organizations shall inspect, verify and manage risks and combat origin fraud in the following cases:
+ Before issuance of Certificate of Origin (C / O);

+ Before issuing a document approving self-certification of origin or issuing a certificate of origin;

+ After issuance or issuance of vouchers certifying the origin of goods.

- Other functional agencies in the country request coordination when there are suspected cause or detect signs of fraudulence origin goods.

This Circular 39/2018/TT-BCT takes effect on December 14,2018.

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