Legal Document

Title: Decree 21/2012/NĐ-CP of March 21, 2012 of the Government on management of seaports and navigable channels
Type: Decree
Issuing Agency: Government
Responsible Agency: General Department of Vietnam Customs
Issuing Date: 21-03-2012


Subjects of application

1. This Decree shall apply to Vietnamese and foreign organizations, individuals and vessels and specialized state management agencies involved in investment in construction and operation of seaports, navigable channels and management of maritime activities in Vietnamese seaports and sea areas.

2. Where a treaty to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party contains provisions different from those of this Decree, the provisions of such treaty shall prevail.


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List Measures/Standards

Name Description Status Measures/Standards Measure Class
Procedure for seaport arrival applied to foreign seagoing vessels/ships propelled by nuclear power and ships carrying radioactive substances The applicant have to apply for permission for the foreign vessel with motor running by nuclear power or a ship carrying radioactive substances to arrive at a seaport, enclosed with the copies of the seagoing ship registration certificate and certificates of maritime safety and security and environmental pollution prevention of such vessel Active Measure Goods
test 1 test 1 Active Measure Goods
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